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Gymnastics Australia End of Year Display

In what has been another challenging year for many of us, we want to bring some joy and celebration back to our community, so today we announce the Gymnastics Australia End of Year Display, a fun event that everyone can participate in!
New avenue for youth's voice established

Gymnastics Australia has today called for nominations for its Youth Advisory Panel, an exciting new initiative that will ensure our younger members have a voice in the way the sport is run.
Expressions of Interest now open for the Athletes' Commission

Gymnastics Australia is now seeking Expressions of Interest to join our Athletes’ Commission. As an athlete-led group, the Commission’s role is to offer advice and guidance to Gymnastics Australia on matters and issues relevant to HP athletes.
Expressions of Interest now open for the Youth Advisory Panel

Expressions of Interest from young people aged 14-24 to join the newly established Youth Advisory Panel are now open.
Gymnastics Australia position on participation to 2022 Acrobatic World Championships

Due to the ongoing nature of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Gymnastics Australia has made the difficult decision that it will not send a full team to participate in the 2022 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championship event in Azerbaijan.
Gymnastics Australia commits to adopt the National Integrity Framework

Gymnastics Australia has reaffirmed its full commitment to adopting the National Integrity Framework (NIF) after meetings of the Board, Integrity Committee, and a presentation by Sport Integrity Australia to Gymnastics Australia Member Associations.

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