Code of Laws Title 33 Chapter 44 Uniform Limited Liability Company Act Of 1996


Unless otherwise provided in the articles of organization or operating agreement, the surplus funds, if any, after payment of the creditors and the costs, expenses and allowances, shall be distributed among the members or their legal representatives in respect of their contributions to capital. The interest of each member of a limited-liability company is personal property. The articles of organization or operating agreement may prohibit or regulate the transfer of a member’s interest.

One or more persons may organize a limited liability company, consisting of one or more members, by delivering articles of organization to the office of the Secretary of State for filing. A limited liability company may be organized under this chapter for any lawful purpose, subject to any law of this State governing or regulating business. After filing a statement of resignation, the Secretary of State shall mail a copy to the designated office and another copy to the limited liability company at its principal office. If the current agent for service of process or street address of that agent is to be changed, the new address or the name and street address of the new agent for service of process. Change of designated office or agent for service of process. An entity exercises reasonable diligence if it maintains reasonable routines for communicating significant information to the individual conducting the transaction for the entity and there is reasonable compliance with the routines.

How to open an LLC bank account

The alternative to limited liability is unlimited liability. Some kinds of business partnerships have unlimited liability, as do all sole traders. B. Paragraphs A, , and of this Section shall apply to all limited liability companies regardless of date of organization.

The certificate must be approved by a majority in interest. A list of its managers or, if there are no managers, all its managing members and their mailing or street addresses, either residence or business. The name of the foreign limited-liability company, which must be the name of the foreign limited-liability company at the time of the renewal or revival, or its name at the time its registration to transact business in this State was forfeited. List or statement to be maintained at principal office in State or with custodian of records; requirement to assist in criminal investigation; failure to comply; regulations. The Secretary of State may allow a foreign limited-liability company to select an alternative due date for filing the initial list required by this section. An annual list for a foreign limited-liability company not in default which is received by the Secretary of State more than 90 days before its due date shall be deemed an amended list for the previous year and does not satisfy the requirements of this section for the year to which the due date is applicable.


A signer of the articles of organization or a manager designated in the articles does not thereby become a member of the company. Except as otherwise provided in NRS 86.491, at all times after commencement of business by the company, the company must have one or more members. The filing of the articles does not, by itself, constitute commencement of business by the company. “Registered office” of a limited-liability company means the office maintained at the street address of its registered agent. May have voting rights and other rights and privileges given to noneconomic members of the company by the articles of organization or operating agreement.

  • NRS 86.376Liability of person who acts as alter ego of company for debts or liabilities of company.
  • If the foreign limited-liability company has one or more series of members and if the debts or liabilities of a series are enforceable against the assets of that series only and not against the assets of the company generally or another series, a statement to that effect.
  • A member’s ownership of an LLC is represented by membership interest, just as partners have interest in a partnership and shareholders have stock in a corporation.
  • Enabling tax and accounting professionals and businesses of all sizes drive productivity, navigate change, and deliver better outcomes.
  • A member who becomes a partner of a limited partnership as a result of a conversion remains liable only to the extent the member was liable for an obligation incurred by the limited liability company before the conversion takes effect.

Except as otherwise provided in chapter 463 of NRS, other applicable law, the articles of organization or the operating agreement, a member may not resign or withdraw as a member from a limited-liability company before the dissolution and winding up of the company. After the filing of the articles of organization or after the effective date of formation specified in the articles of organization, the operating agreement binds the limited-liability company and may be enforced whether or not the limited-liability company assents to the operating agreement. Before the filing of the articles of organization or before the effective date of formation specified in the articles of organization, the operating agreement is not effective until the effective date of formation of the limited-liability company.

What does it mean to be an LLC?

We’ve outlined the main Limited Liability types below to break down their differences. State-by-state restrictions.Some states impose extra fees on running an LLC. Additionally, certain states restrict professions like doctors and dentists from working through an LLC. LLCs offer a simple, adaptable structure perfect for businesses of any size. More importantly, they give protection from liability and control over finances. That said, they suit some business models more than others.


A member of a limited liability company may maintain an action in the right of the company if the members or managers having authority to do so have refused to commence the action or an effort to cause those members or managers to commence the action is not likely to succeed. Owning, without more, an interest in a limited liability company organized or transacting business in this State. The terms and conditions of a conversion of a limited liability company to a corporation must be approved by all the members or by the number or percentage of the members required for conversion in the limited liability company agreement. Articles of merger serve as articles of dissolution for a limited liability company that is not the surviving entity in the merger. Articles of merger operate as an amendment to the limited liability company’s articles of organization. In the case of any other entities that are parties to the merger, by the vote required for approval of a merger by the law of this State or of the state or foreign jurisdiction in which the entity is organized and, in the absence of such a requirement, by all the owners of interests in the entity.

In rare cases, members will choose to dissolve their LLC. First and foremost, the operating agreement should outline a dissolution process. Additionally, it needs to set guidelines in case some members want to dissolve the LLC and others don’t. Some LLCs allow new members if they invest significantly in the company. In this case, the operating agreement will outline a process for drawing more capital from existing members.

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